Throwback Thursday: Critical Care Conference #ICUrehab #TBT

Three years ago, as an eager Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) student, I participated in a conference that changed my life. We all have moments that shape us, experiences along our path that guide us…and the first Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference was one of those moments.

Today will be the fourth time I have participated in this conference and it is amazing to reflect back at how the people, information, and collaboration have inspired and changed me. This year I participate as physical therapist and a member of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I’m grateful to all those that supported me along my way and so excited to call JHH my professional home.


Who knew three years ago I’d wind up with one of these and get to forgo the silly wrist band at check in 😉 ?

Over the three years, the most potent message I have learned, first as a student and now as a medical professional is the utmost importance of a interdisciplinary team for approaching patient centered care. This couldn’t have be better illustrated by the diversity of participants at the conference over the years and this weekend:

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physicians Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Nurses, Physicians, Rehab Techs, Psychologists, Patients, Educators, Students, & Social Workers.  We all have a piece to contribute !


Getting critically ill patients up and moving requires a culture shift. We have to change minds (and often  this may even start with our own) that the ICU is inherently a safe place and that there are real long term physical, cognitive, and psychiatric improvements with early mobilization.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of early mobilization, want to be a champion to start a program in your hospital, or are just curious to hear more about it:

  1. Check out the twitter feed from the weekend’s conference #icurehab and follow us @icurehab for a stream of great conversation and resources! 
  2. Leave me a message and I will give you information about how to join a free, international, interactive “virtual community” of clinicians and researchers, the ICURecovery Network ! It will give you access to a growing body of resources, including videos, documents, website links, and event information for clinicians  interested in improving the recovery of critically ill patients, with a particular focus on early rehabilitation and related intervention. 

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