Following my memories upstream ~ Happy Father’s Day

Let P.S. serenade this post, press play

When I was little I used to have terrible nightmares, I’d wake in the middle of the night and my room was a scary and foreign place filled with monsters. My dad would always come to my rescue, a knight in shining armor. Together we would fight them off, he’d help me to relax, and find the peaceful familiar kingdom that was my room.


These days, the monsters are a little different, but my dad is always there to help me. We’ve been through many battles and enjoyed many victories. Looking forward, I know that there may always be some sort of “monster” in my path…But the great thing about dads are, they do something even better than just helping you fend off monsters…dads show you your own strength, dads teach you the self reliance, and dads demonstrate what true courage is…so sometimes we can even give those monsters the boot, solo. Plus they show you kick ass battle faces:


Dad, I love you so very much. You are my hero ❤

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