Laika – Kawaii to the extreme! Wellness through puppy kisses.

Happy February! And welcome to the Kawaii (Japanese word for cute) edition!!

Last week we learned about the underrated but incredibly important Gluteus Medius: You MED to know about this muscle.  I wanted to share some of my favorite and most effective exercises for this Wellness Wednesday … buuuut, that is going to have to wait for next week.

Why? I think you have a sneaking suspicion as she was featured in Monday’s post…

She has blue eyes, the softest fur, and the cutest pointed ears:


Laika joined our family this past Saturday and has filled us with nothing but joy, I don’t even care about how much sleep I’ve missed 😉

Is there anything that promotes more wellness than a puppy?

Actually, there is some interesting science around looking at cuteness. SERIOUSLY. A study in Japan performed in 2012 found that looking at pictures of cute puppies helped to promote careful behavior and narrow attention.

“This study provides further evidence that perceiving cuteness exerts immediate effects on cognition and behavior in a wider context than that related to caregiving or social interaction,” the researchers conclude. Read all about it here: KAWAII ARTICLE

Prepare for a 3 pound injection of adorable and get ready to get focused:

You are welcome.


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