I’m on a [tiny] boat

Aaah, palpating the carpal bones is always a treat. Learning word origins is even better.


Hey there scaphoid bone hanging on my proximal radial side…or should I say “little boat”



From the Greek skaphos

The carpal bone are sooo tiny. You have EIGHT whole bones in about a two finger width space at the base of your hand:

So guess what?


3 thoughts on “I’m on a [tiny] boat

  1. There are two “boats”, one carpel in the wrist and one tarsal at the ankle. Both bones were originally called navicular (L. = boat). But that apparently was confusing. “My patient broke her navicular bone.” “Well, which one??”. So they renamed the one in the wrist the scaphoid. (Gr = boat).

    I’ve got boat-loads of trivia stored in my potentiated synaptic relays.

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