KNOCK ‘EM OUT! Make the NPTE see stars.

Before I get to today’s blog, I just wanted to say how excited and honored I am to be nominated for best student physical therapy blog on Therapydia!

How cool is this?  I found out yesterday from a fellow PT all the way in California who tweeted at me when she saw my blog for the first time through Therapydia. The internet is such a wonderfully small world.

Check out all the awesome blogs and cast your vote (easy for PTs and non-PTs to make an account) and it is a fantastic resource site for all things Physical Therapy:

Blog Awards

OK, now make a fist.

Ready to knock out the National Physical Therapy Exam this Wednesday !?!

(don’t punch your computer, this studier recommends a pillow)



Hopefully, when you made that fist your knuckles make a nice upward curve with your middle finger’s knuckle (3rd metacarpophalangeal joint) at the highest point. If not, you could have Lunate instability or dislocation. Often a result of a FOOSH (fall on an outstretch hand) causing excessive wrist extension and ulnar deviation. The Lunate is one of the 8 bones that make up your wrist and when it is out of place that 3rd knuckle sinks down:


This is called Murphy’s Sign.

PTs want to read more about lunate instability and how it is treated? Check out Physiopedia’s article here: Lunate Instability

Alright, so now we know your wrist bones are all in place, let’s bump for luck (not that you need it, we’ve got this!)


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