Nerd Alert – vacation day 1

Ahhh, vacation. Not much has changed for me since I was a little kid: summer vacations were (are) filled with sleeping in (ie past 6:30), sprinkler frolicking, indulgent reading, and first and foremost VIDJA GAMES !!  (Luckily, my parents were never too opposed to this particular habit)

There is just something so relaxing and utterly captivating about playing a good game: Whether Dr. Gordon and I are pwning dudes with a crowbar, I’m exploring fantasy realms, jumping on mushrooms, adventuring on monkey islands, battling the umbrella corporation, shredding some sweet tunes on my ‘guitar’ or just stacking shapes to Tchaikovsky…I’m just in heaven. Video games are one of my favorite indulgences

So, for those of you who didn’t realize just HOW MUCH of a total nerd I was…well, now you know. If you know what game I’m playing from my cup today then I guess I’m in some good nerdy company 🙂

For everyone else, happy weekend. I hope it is filled with what ever your special indulgence is.

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