Pancakes smancakes….ladies night out adventure !

All week, Louisa and I were looking forward to some pre-thanksgiving / post-crazy school week Original House of Pancakes deliciousness. Well, we trek out to NOVA after two long days of lecturing only to find they are only open from 10am – 3pm!!! WHAT!? Breakfast for supper is like the MOST delicious, what are they thinking.

We moved on quickly as two hungry girls are wont to do…to Falls Church’s very own. Little Vietnam for a crazy food adventure. The waitress had to help up construct our meal…but it was SOOO DELICIOUS!

Fresh basil, cucumbers, carrots, grill your own beef….all that you can roll up yourself !? I think I was born in the wrong country:

Oh, and that deliciousness in the middle is a Vietnamese pancake, you know just cause we were in the mood 🙂

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