LVL 25 Human

Today I’m headed to SanDiego for CSM 2013! I am so excited to get together with fellow PTs from across the country!!

However, I am absolutely relishing in the coincidence that one of my favorite people in the whole world was born in California 25 years ago today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, beautiful, and talented sister !!

When Ashlinn was a little girl, (lets get a visual on the cuteness that was Ashi as a kiddo):


awwwww ❤

she bought a collection of powerful women collecting cards at an antique store. At the time it was a lot of money and she had saved for a long time. I’ll never forget how excited she was to have these beautiful cards. In fact they hang in her room to this day.

Today, I want to add another card to that collection:


Ashlinn, you are an incredible woman and everyday I am so proud and feel so lucky to have you for a sister and friend.

I love you so much!

nina and ashi

nina and ashi1

I can’t believe how much you level up each year…ha ha…roll 1D20 for birthday cake deliciousness.


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