Give yourself a “safe word”

You know that feeling when you sit down to do something and your body physically & mentally rebells?

“NO!”  it says sternly.

It may speak to you….either subtly or a perhaps something a bit more overt (I’ll never forget the feeling of utter repulsion as I  lifted that 3rd Red Bull to my lips at 4am  in Harper Library as I finished up my final week of finals….ahh, how young and stupid I was back then.)

You can convince a girl to learn anything in a library as grand as that!

We get so used to torturing ourselves with work and responsibility that we either don’t recognize the “NO” or we just ignore it and power through. I’m beginning to realize that when I do listen and respect myself enough to stop the torture, move on, and come back when I’m ready…well, that assignment and my sanity are the better for it.

So go ahead, give yourself a personal safe word:


safewordAnd when you feel like you’ve had enough…flipping shout it out and give yourself a break!

You deserve it. 

Because I didn’t feel like coffee drinking or studying much today here is something totally sweet:

Yeah, its a wolf riding a dragon. deal with it !

Yeah, its a wolf riding a dragon. deal with it !

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