Back to work little birdies….

After a LONG day [9.5 hours of class bookended by 3 hours of musculoskel lab and a make up integument class…] I like to take a little break from studying with one of my favorite nature documentaries. Lately, I’ve gotten back into the amazing “Wild Russia” which explores the vast wilderness of the epically huge and diverse country.

I just love looking at the stunning imagery and lets just face it, the narration for all nature documentaries is just calming to the MAX (even if it isn’t Morgan Freeman).

This evening I learned a bit about Ravens. I knew they were exceptionally smart birds, but apparently because the lack natural predators can afford time to be playful and were caught frolicking in the snow:

Ravens just wanna have fun!


They reminded me of my classmates and I who had a wonderful long weekend to frolic but unlike the Raven, we have to ferocious predator of MID-TERMS coming —> 4 next week an 2 the next with some papers in between

So, it is back to work for these little birdies…and even though they are fierce, we won’t fall prey to the sharp fangs of The SCANTRONASAURUS.

Frolicking in Brooklyn with my sis:

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