What is your second favorite?

Growing up, I always had a difficult time choosing my favorite….anything. Here was (is) my thought: Of all the possible options available how could I choose just one? In fact, what if I have yet to see my favorite color, animal, scientist, or director? Clearly, I was one of those children who scooped horizontally in the Neapolitan Ice Cream.

When pressed, I can obviously come up with something, after all it is just a snap-shot of my preferences at that precise moment (and with most things I realize people don’t really enjoy hearing my crazy rationalizations about life).


However, if you’ve known me a while and I feel like sharing my “qwerky” with you, I often take the approach of calling something my “second favorite” leaving that shining gold medal to that standard of awesome that has yet to be experienced. For instance, I’m currently reading a book by my second favorite scientist right now:

Photo on 2013-03-24 at 17.21

Who also produced my second favorite tv-show of all time “cosmos” …totally on Hulu check it out!

But here is where I need your help!

The medical school library is hosting an art show next month and they featured a few of my cups last year. This year, I want to submit some more cups and have QR codes attached to them that viewers can scan to take them to this site. I’m excited too that many will serve as ambassadors about the proffession of physical therapy and hopefully to provide some education PT & wellness overall.

I have so many more to choose from this year..which of my cups in your “second favorite” 

Share your thoughts here friends:

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