TED MED Day 2 – Data, data, data

Wednesday – BIG data, small data, sharing data 

When you look at a “patient” (person) what do you see? Perhaps, as clinicians we start looking at patients as a collection of data: numbers, tests, exams that explain who a patient is or what is going on. It is helpful, we need this data to make a clinical picture, this BIG data allows us to treat a problem. However, what if we could pick up on more subtle changes in health/wellness before something more substantial happens health wise. There is another layer, a “digital pulse” as speaker Deborah Estrin mentions that can be used to give individuals & health care providers feedback about their health.

   Small data (observation of activity trends, social trends, and personal habits) can be leveraged to improve QOL, personal awareness, and empower people to make positive changes in their life. As clinicians taking time to ask questions about subtle life changes can help you get a better clinical picture.


From a doodle later in the week…

Digital traces are like bread crumbs…leading back in time to the choices & experiences that make us up today.

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