TED MED day 3 – Expansion & Exploration

Thursday  – Expansion & Exploration

“It belies the human mind to say we can only do one thing” Elazer Edelman

Professor Edelman’s talk really resonated with me. He has used his multidisciplinary background as a scientist & engineer to examine the mechanism of tissue repair. While his research is sensational, his message of thinking outside of your field and exploring beyond your expertise is so important.

As many of you know, I’ve done a bit of professional meandering before finding Physical Therapy. What I suppose I’ve always known but find it exciting to hear reinforced, is you never know what expertise may lead to inspiration or breakthrough.

me drawing

artists / physical therapist / archaeologist hard at work

This lead me back to a talk from Tuesday by Rafael Yuste, the pivotal player in the launching of the Brain Activity Map Project (or as we know it now the Brain Initiative!)

He said it was the duty of scientist to dream, that at the root of every social advancement in history…there has been a dream. So it is up to us :


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