As a tall girl, I’ve always been self-conscious about my shoe size but this is ridiculous …

Happy Earth Day Friends! 

On a beautiful spring day, it is easy to take a step back and appreciate our lovely planet and start to consider what perils our species has put it through over the years. So I went and took a ecological foot print quiz:

YEIPS, those are some big shoes I’ve been ‘trompsing’ about in

Visit  to get an idea of your shoe size and find ways you can help reduce it. (Now come on ladies, who doesn’t want to have those tiny adorable feet that get all the best shoes at TJ Maxx!?)

In celebration of our most glorious planet, I went totally green today. Bike commute to school, reusable cup, and dry erase drawings (Ignore the epic to-do list on the left) and I pledge (as I hope you all will too) to make a change that goes beyond just today.

earth day 1

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