Delta You ~ Punctuated Equilibrium

My yoga teacher reminded me of something very important today in class:

It is often very difficult to OBSERVE change (especially in yourself), often I find I wake up some days and I just feel different. I am different. I have changed.

There is a theory in evolutionary biology called punctuated equilibrium, which proposes that most species exhibit little evolutionary change for most of their history. Living in an extended state called stasis. When change does occur, instead of a gradual trasformation, change is rapid  often producing two distinct species as if in the “blink of an eye” (in respect to a geological clock that it.)

So what about the species “Physical Therapeus”, from the genus “Graduate Studentia” ?

You probably have observed it in its natrual habitat: the library, clothed in its sweat pants and running shoes, drooling over some 10 pound books as it power naps between cramming sessions. Life often seems tortuous for this poor creature, sometimes it forgets that it too is changing. One day, it will wake up and realize all its hard work and sleepless nights caused a big change, and it has evolved into something extraordinary.


Stay strong my friends & good luck on finals!

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