“Break” OVER (did that just happen?) Bring on the mini-mester

Last semester took just about all the “oomph” I could muster. After my last exam, I hobbled over to meet my classmates at Circa (as has become our custom) to not only drink to the end of a brutal semester but to the end of two full years of intense academic adventures. Physical Therapy students take classes year round (yep even in the summer) and that afternoon, my classmates and I were feeling the weight of the 6 semesters worth of erudition.

After I caught up on some sleep, were awarded a short break ( ~ 7 days), I filled mine with sleeping, family, and travel (not to forget the multiple homework assignments we given…womp womp).

Today we are back at it today for our mini-mester. 4 weeks, 3 classes, 2 practice exams, and 1 goal –> pass the comprehensive exams and make it to clinic!

So, similar to my sentiments about chihuahuas: just cause its mini … doesn’t make it any less of a dog. Woof.


Next to a venti anything looks tiny…but an espresso shot still packs a punch!

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