Two wheels good, four wheels baaaaad…

Ok, horrible inverse Animal Farm reference aside:

Yesterday’s BIKE TO WORK DAY was a HUGE success!!!

bike to work

And what a beautiful day for people to ditch the cars and metro and hop on the numerous beautiful trails that make bike commuting in D.C. a breeze. In fact, I can make it in from Falls Church to Foggy Bottom in a record 43min on a good day…just about 15 mins more than metroing (plus, I save some money, pump some am blood, and avoid a daily sardine-ing on the orange line)

Now, I’m a avid bike enthusiast and nothing makes me happier that just a little bit of bike traffic in the morning:


That is of course, nothing more than the feeling I get when I get to zip by these grumpy D.C. commuters:

Washington's Beltway backed-up in rush hour.

Interested in becoming a bike commuter? Check the The Washington Area Bike Association’s web-site for some good tips, maps, and meeting times.

See you on the trail!

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