Rain drops keep falling on my monuments ~ A drizzly return to D.C.

You may have guessed from my posts the last few months that I am a little smitten with NY.

So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to say, I wasn’t the most enthused to return south to D.C. We have 6 weeks of class sandwiched between clinical rotations and for most of us, it feels a bit like an hors d’oeurve we’d rather let lie on the silver platter avoiding making eye contact as the waiter passes by. However, grad-school is not like a fancy dinner party, you must partake in all the courses, so the frog legs have to be choked down.

It was rainy this morning for my first day back to class and my bike sat neglected on the porch as I tromped to the metro to catch the Red Line down to George Washington:


I walked into the library, a little damp, back pack weighing down my shoulders and I exhaled audibly.

Then I heard a familiar hum of voices that hasn’t hit my ears in many months. Before I knew it there was a gauntlet of hugs, smiles, and love. My classmates, my friends, my comrades in arms were all together again as though not a moment had passed since we were apart.  We do have a lot of catching up to do (which will be exciting) and what sounds like a challenging 6 weeks of “frog legs**”  ahead of us but enjoying it together it may even be delicious.

The rain evaporated and I remembered how grateful I am to be home

**nothing against frog legs, actually I kinda like ’em.

**Also, our first class this morning with Dr. Harwood was kind of awesome!

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