Things that are scary: BRAINS & targeted internet advertising

Happy Halloween Friends!

I hope you will fill your well costumed bellies with all the sweets you can handle and then fall gently to sleep in a sugar induced food coma. In keeping with the spooooky theme of the day, I thought I’d talk a bit about Braaaaaaaains!

Recently, I gave an inservice at the hospital on Locked-in syndrome (read a bit about it by checking out this post). During the presentation, I used some images of brain slices I made during a recent cranial dissection in gross lab. Now, I like to keep my audience engaged during talks so I asked them:

“What do you think is the BEST tool for cutting brains?”

Anyone, anyone?

Well, the answer is your regular run of the mill deli-slicer. yum. Yep, everyone reflexively put their sandwiches down after that (The presentation was during lunch –> timing = win)

Later that day though, the really scary thing happened. I was perusing Facebook and up popped this advertisement:


Brains not bologna

I had to laugh for a moment…. because I think the sophisticated ‘phishing’ software The Home Depot was using for targeting my online advertising would be a bit shocked if they knew my intentions for their deli-slicer.


So yes, “the man” is watching you even when you are searching for pictures for your inservice presentations…and that is kinda scary. BOO! So, go enjoy a deli sandwich, clear your cookies & browsing history, and get your trick or treat on.

❤ your friendly neighborhood mad scientist!

mwa ha ha ha.

mwa ha ha ha.

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