In the United States today families and friends are gathering together to enjoy a meal together, watch football (or in my case the comet ISON battle the sun…seriously get on this, you can see 200 lb dudes fight over pig skin all year long), and reflect on all the people and things we are grateful for.


The word grateful comes from the Latin root:


This led to the archaic form: “grate” in the mid 16th century which meant “pleasing or agreeable”

With this meaning, you could say: “I am enjoying the grateful fireplace on this chilly Thanksgiving day”

However, today  we know it to mean: “a feeling or showing of an appreciation of kindness; thankful.” An adjective being used a lot today.

How much is it being used? Ok, so check this out… I just discovered this cool tool in google that tracks the use of words in books overtime. Here is the trend for “grateful”:


Looks like we are trending up people! I think it is so interesting to consider how the use of words reflects the zeitgeist of the time. Toss a few random words in and see what awesome trends you can find.


I am extraordinarily grateful for my family and the friends that never stop inspiring me, for the health and wellness of those I love, and for all those little things, like the fact that this was on my path during my morning run:


Hello sun spot, I’m on my way…

Share your thoughts here friends:

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