A fearless step forward: meander, weave, and adventure your way to a successful career!


Yesterday, I got to go to an early screening of Spike Jonze’s new film “her”. First, I have to say the picture was fantastic. Between the intimate performance of Joaquin Phoenix, the stunningly simple yet palpable art direction, and some of the most rich cinematography I’ve seen since “No Country For Old Men” (thats right Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Roger Deakens was robbed in 2007), I was completely captivated by this heartrending tale. I went into the theater knowing NOTHING about the picture, so I will not wax on about the film except to say it is a beautiful re-imagining of a love story.

As the lights went up, we were all up for an even more fantastic surprise … Spike Jonze himself conducted a Q&A ! Answering questions about the film, his creative process, and even just life in general. Oh, my did I geek out! There I was, less than 20ft away from an individual that really inspires me and all the sudden he became a person, not just a name that creates things I love. After he stayed behind to chat and of course I just had to meet him! It is interesting to consider that individuals we hold in this imaginary place reserved for idols are not these intangible art gods among us but people, really no different than you or me.

I thought back about where Spike started, from projects in magazines, extreme sports, and the music video industry to becoming the established film maker he is today. Many of my close friends and family (myself included) are currently at a crossroads of sorts, finishing school, looking for jobs, or reinventing themselves professionally. This is an exciting time but can also be pretty intimidating. While you may consider it a futile exercise, I like reflecting on a career journey like Spike’s.

So, if like me,  you feel nervous or scared about making those first steps sometimes…Remember we don’t get to where we are going by taking just prescribed one path.


“Not all those who wander are lost” Tolkein

Your journey may end up looking like an Escher drawing … but think about how all those meandering adventures brought you to this moment and how many more exciting possibilities are ahead of you!


For those of you who too young to remember when MTV actually showed quality music videos, here ya go:

you. are. welcome.

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