The Last Lecture

While we have a little ways to go before graduation (May 2014!!),  today my classmates and I sat in our last official lecture of graduate school! 


Dr. Harwood left us with a several inspiring words (and in my opinion a call to action) as we move forward as students and of course later, as we venture into our careers as Physical Therapists.

Never to loose of the things that inspire us. We must hold on to our passions and pursue them with relentless vigor…after all it is our responsibility to be agents of change:



I do not believe that it has truly hit me yet … after all there are still a mound of papers and exams in our path before we head to our final clinical rotation…

However, I can feel the slight twinge of excitement at the concept of “The Last Lecture!”

I feel immensely grateful for the my classmates who have been on this crazy journey with me, the professors who have been a constant fount of knowledge, mentorship, & inspiration (ok, ok..sometimes some frustration too), and my friends & family who have put up with the fallout of a lot of stress and sleepiness.

Thank you all.

(side note 1: in an informal straw pole,  5 out of 5 DPT students feel that the above reference is totally appropriate. Side note 2:  If they had felt the contrary…I probably would have done it anyway)

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