Tonight I’m gonna rock you tonight!

One of the best things about vacation is the ability to indulge (and I mean REALLY to excess) all those things you LOVE but can’t always find the time for IRL. (IRL = in real life, for all you non-gamers out there). Today was brimming with those things for me and I ended up requiring THREE showers because of all my fun! (Suppose I could have planned better but let just face it, vacation is NO time for plans). 

1) Ride around in the hot Florida sun all morning on a motorcycle = shower (& sunburned neck..ouch)

2) Hour and a half of hot yoga = shower (& zen)

3) Being compelled to beat Guitar Hero 1 & Guitar Hero 2 = shower (& useless fingers)


I forgot what an awesome game the first Guitar Hero was, aside from some horrible covers and the inability to hammer on or off properly, it really was ahead of its time!

PS: if anyone knows what my band name: “None More Black” is a reference to, we can continue being friends. This post title is a hint.

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