Knot Exactly … A restoration project

They don’t make ’em like they used to….how many times have you heard that?  While that sentiment isn’t always true, I most certainly find value in caring for those old bits that have stood the test of time.  I have two steamer trunks that for the moment contain my tangible world,  they are both over 100 years old. I love to think about what treasures they used to store before traveling into my path. So even though incredibly made, they needed a little TLC during this layover in Florida. Lucky for me, I find nothing more beautiful than taking care of well made things.

Instead of a cup drawing today, I wanted to share my mini restoration project. (Don’t worry though, I still had PLENTY of coffee today)

How is that for timing? BOTH straps on BOTH trunks broke:

While ultimately, I will try to get another nice piece of leather for both, I thought a temporary and elegant solution would be a rope handle:

The finished product! I used and alpine butterfly bend to close the two ends and secured them back under the brackets. (My favorite part of working with nylon rope is sealing the tips with fire at the end!)

Everyone should be able to tie a few good knots! If you wanna play a little over this break, check out this site: Animated Knots You never know when it may come in handy! Plus, its fun. Tools are simple.

  1. Two pieces of rope (if you don’t have different color rope, use different color masking tape to make it simpler to follow along so you don’t get confused)
  2. Masking tape to seal the ends temporarily
  3. Lighter for closing the ends (melting together….mmm, fun!)

Happy Knotting !

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