I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Science Beach Side

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is kinda my life blood…so luckily, felines and I have 9 lives.

This project didn’t cost me any lives and was so interesting! It has been mildly stormy this weekend in Florida, which means lots of animals washed up on the beach. I found this guy on a long walk yesterday and got very excited. Ready to learn a little about Cannonball Jelly Fish Stomolophus meleagris (what a sweet name, English and Latin!)


First, my jelly friend was identified using REVERSE google image search. Did you know you can drag an drop  (using Chrome) pictures into Google Image Search to find similar images ? This can help narrow down a search or allow you to find other people who have posted images with more information on the subject matter!

I had a pretty complete dissection kit with me but had to supplement with some other tools (thanks revlon tweezers and motorcycle gloves). The first rule of dissection is that it is a DESTRUCTIVE process, so it is important to have a sketchbook and camera at hand to document your process. Don’t worry, guts make any sketchbook way more hard core!

Second, take it slow and use references (if possible), they don’t really have a Netter for Jelly Fish (or at least that I have) but the internet is full of resources for this very thing.  As I’m working, I like to consider the purpose of an anatomical structure and then imagine how I would design it….(you know if I had powers of evolution.)

This really was a fascinatingly beautiful little guy.

When held to the light, it’s hood was gorgeously translucent, spots and ridges are perfectly placed for camouflage and water resistance. I found it particularly interesting that the tentacles were attached on the long end, as opposed to dangling from the top as I thought previously. Read more about my gorgeous little friend here “Cannonball Jelly

So, as with most of my favorite things. They begin with the phrase:

“LOOK WHAT I FOUND!” and somewhere someone utters, “Honey, not at the kitchen table…” and end with my very very messy.

lookwhati found



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