To a future with ALL the vowels ~ Happy Wedding Day Dearest Barbara

I wish I was in Texas today.

Yep. I just said that, may never say it ever again … but right now it is true. Today is the day of my friend Barbara’s wedding.

When ever I think of weddings, a billion movie scenes and quotes rush through my head, but while Barb and I have a lot in common (and often I wish I had MORE in common with her immaculately organized and put together self) an obscene love of cinema isn’t one of them. So, I could go off on The Godfather or my personal favorite, The Princess Bride (“Mawwage”) but as I’m affecting the best (worst) Don Corleone voice you’ve ever heard, Barbara would just look at me with those big brown eyes, patiently wait for me to get it all out of my system, and laugh. On our long runs Barbara always indulges my silly thoughts and ideas and indeed often inspires more.

However, today is about her and Dave. Barbara speaks of her beau often and from the stories and the lovely glow she has while his name is on her tongue, it has always been clear they shared a deep and profound love. I met Dave at a Christmas party, he exudes strength and confidence, perhaps ALMOST as much as dear Barbara. So before even speaking to him I knew that this truly was the man for Barb.

So, while I cannot be there with you today, Barbara and Dave, know that my thoughts are sent westward, my thoughts are wearing cowgirl boots (yay). Those thoughts are bringing you love, to pile on top what must already an overflowing plethora in the Lone Star State.

This is also heading Westerly:

dave and barb

However, this isn’t your “official” wedding pressie. I would like to turn one of your wedding photos (from the now very close future) into a painting. My parents (their anniversary was yesterday) have a lovely painting that a friend made for them from a wedding photo and I have always wanted to make one for a dear friend.

Until we meet again, Mr. and Dr. Guarriello, all my love. xo Cristina.

(see their last name has ALL the vowels, how cool is that!? Italians are awesome)

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