I’ve got the POWER! — Yep, you need a few of those physics equations from high school!

While studying for the board exam, I have been mixing up my schedule with Scorebuilder’s daily PT question application. So even though I’m in the “neuro zone” I make sure to pepper my day with a random question that gets my brain thinking in another direction.

I got really excited when I was presented with this pseudo physics question the other day. Give it a go:

A physical therapist observes a patient completing a dumbbell curl. Which scenario would produce the most power?

1) a 2lb dumbbell lifted in 2 sections

2) a 2lb dumbbell lifted in 3 seconds

3)  a 4lb dumbbell lifted in 1 second

4) a 4lb dumbbell lifted in 4 seconds

Do you remember your high school physics days? Here is a hint:


P = W/t   —> Power = Work / Time

W = Fd  –> Work = Force x distance

Each of the options involves the same amount of distance (one arm curl) so the relevant variables to consider are the weight of the dumbbell and the time to complete one repetition.

The answer would be option 3.

P = 4 lbs / 1 second = 4

In case you are extra interested, the units for power are Joules/sec or Watts (In honor of James Watt the developer of the steam engine)

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