Who is your hero?


Did you know that May 3rd is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!? (mark your calendar for next year)

Yesterday, I met up with my fellow nerds at our local comic book store for a few free comics, some sweet Marvel Merchandise, and of course all of this done in my favorite Star Trek shirt and galaxy tights.


ooo, painting on the inside today!

There were a ton of little kids visiting the comic book store with their parents, some probably for the first time. As they thumbed through the boxes of old superman, catwoman, spiderman, and Archie….brimming with excitement….one little boy reminded me of something very important. A hero isn’t just someone in tights with a cape that saves Gotham over and over. As that little boy took a running leap into his dad’s arms, I heard him say: “Thank you daddy, you are my hero.”

So, who is your hero today? They may not have had a costume change in a phone booth … but surely they deserve a big hug and a thank you.

Thank you Dad, you are my hero. xo

Own this shell! Participate in the Relay for Life fundraising effort:

  • Each day in May, instead of a coffee cup, I will be painting a shell as a fundraising effort for The American Cancer Society. Interested in owning one of these shells? Be the first to post a comment on my blog each day with a donation pledge and I’ll mail you the shell (or hand deliver with a hug if you live close or someplace interesting 🙂 )
  • Visit my fundraising site: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/ashelladay From here you can:
    • Fulfill your shell pledge
    • Donate or dedicate a luminaria to a survivor or in memory of love ones lost (these light the path for those walking in the evening)
    • Join my team! Going to be in D.C. or Northern Virginia Saturday May 17? I’ll be driving out to Culpeper after my graduation around 8pm, carpool with me and come play! (disclaimer, there will be singing in the car!)



2 thoughts on “Who is your hero?

  1. Thanks, Cristina – You’re quite an inspiration to me and a source of tremendous pride. I love you!

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