Turtle Nesting Season ~ Beach lights OFF at night!

Thank you to everyone who has donated toward my Relay for Life efforts! Your shells are on their way as a special thank you.

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(Shells still available for donations: Hero shell and Hieroglyph Shell)

Today, I had a specially commissioned shell commemorating the start of sea turtle nesting season here in Florida:

turtle nesting

In Florida, sea turtles come to shore the beginning of may and hatching continues through the summer until late October. A female turtle can lay several nests during one season but only nests every two or three years. It is a difficult process and nesting generally takes several hours. Once she leaves the nest, she never returns.

turtle patrol

After incubating for a few months, the hatchlings break free of their shells waiting for the sand temperature to cool before they emerge onto the beach. Most baby turtles emerge after dark and scramble to the water. The main danger for hatchling is from artificial lighting. This is because when the babies emerge they instinctively move in the brightest direction which is ordinarily the reflection of the open night sky on the ocean.

So if you are visiting or live near YOU CAN HELP! Keep outside lights off during turtle season. Remove all chairs, umbrellas, and other gear from the beach at night. Level all sand castles and fill holes dug during play and always remove your trash from the beach.

For more information:


Contact Florida Marine Patrol 1-800-DIAL-FMP

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