Scream for me Nürnberg! Rock im Park 2014

Quick question: 

Is there anything more awesome than a metal festival in Germany?

Quick answer:



Serendipitously, there just so happened to be a giant metal festival kicking it in Nürnberg while I was in Deutschland. So, I packed my day pack and hightailed it to an enormous Zeppelin landing field just south of the city. (seriously it was called Zeppelinfeld) Check out this line up:


I was there for the last day and holy moley was it face meltingly awesome. First of all, it has been a life long dream to hear Bruce Dickinson ask me to “Scream for him” and oh, man did I!  Second, The Offspring also put on a kick ass show. On June 10th, I had no voice, mild whiplash, a blood blister from all the walking and dancing, and I was more gloriously exhausted than I think I’ve ever been.

Mind blown.

Dig this kind of stuff? Check out the full sister concert here and prepare to let your hair down, bang your head and jump on your bed: Scream for me Blogosphere!

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If you can appreciate how incredible Iron Maiden is live then we should totally hang out more! Rock on friends….

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