Family ~ More than meets the eye.

Cape Town is an exquisite city.

Geographically, historically, ascetically, culturally, gastronomically (mmm, so much good food)…the streets pulse with a simultaneously free and tense vibration that is rooted in centuries of finger prints from individuals and cultures across the globe. The hands that molded this city were not always well intentioned but I will not pretend to understand the implications of many of the strained political climates that touched this region.

What I can explore is my experience of the city, as it stands today and as it spoke to me during my travels in June. For me, the experience of place always begins with landscape. Check out this miraculous view, the whole city sits in a bowl surrounded by incredible mountains:



One of my first adventures in CT was up to the top of that Mesa in the center, aptly called: Table Mountain

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So, did you see the little Dassie in the middle of that slide show? Here check ’em out again and see what you think his closest relative is:

Did you guess? Well, I can almost guarantee you were no where in the neighborhood.


Yep! No joke, the Dassie’s closest living relative is the ELEPHANT! Also know as the Rock Hyrax (also a bad ass name), read all about them here: DASSIE FUN

That is the beautiful thing about families.

There is always more than meets the eye:  You could share looks, blood, genes, mannerisms & characteristics, phobias, favorite foods….or ABSOLUTELY NONE of these.To the outsider, they would never guess…you are family. But guess what? That doesn’t matter, family is an internal state of being and shared with the ones you love and hold dear.

No matter what.

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I love you guys!

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