Robot Says STOP! Driving in Cape Town.

Come for a quick ride through Cape Town with me, first of all don’t get too nervous about driving on the other side of the road….we make it out of the city, passing many hitch-hikers and suddenly you see this:



If you are like me, you would nearly jump out of your seat in excitement! This is going to be awesome and you get your eyes peeled for R2D2, Gort, Bender, heck I was even fantasizing Mechagodzilla.

robot_stopBut slow your role…. In South Africa, “Robot” is just the term for traffic light.

Womp womp.

However, this still didn’t stop me from getting a little giddy every time I saw this…I mean how could you not smile:

robot (1)

Te he !

Today’s cup is from Origin Coffee Roasters all the way from ZA. Come visit me and I’ll brew you a cup (while it lasts).

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