Fed Up? Time to stand up!

It has become old news, the national and global obesity crisis. Almost like a broken record, we hear the statistics, we get mildly outraged, perhaps alter our eating/exercise habits for a time….wash, rinse, repeat.

Yet nothing changes.


Excess Sugar = Poison

Our population continues to get heavier (*note you can be a skinny fat person too) and more unhealthy.

  • For the first time in history the life expectancy of this generation of children is less than their parents,
  • obesity and metabolic syndromes are becoming one of the leading causes of malnutrition and death worldwide,
  • marketing of fatty, sugary foods is TARGETED at children and there are no laws to regulate it,
  • fast food chains have a strangle hold on our school’s cafeterias,
  • people have forgotten how to cook real food or even what REAL FOOD looks like (hint, it doesn’t come in a box with 50 ingredients),
  • the Food and Drug Administration is complacent with distortion of nutritional recommendations and labels,

And we are just sitting back and taking it!

We are all guilty, myself included. It feels insurmountable to change the health of a population, I’ve always focused individually, make good choices personally and leave the rest to others.

Do we need to change the conversation?

It is time to stand up! We can just focus on our own wellbeing anymore, this is an epidemic that is killing our friends, families, and  It took decades to defeat Big Tobacco … but it was because people stood up and said STOP! Today, we think nothing of the surgeon generals warnings on cigarette boxes. Do we need some for Big Macs?

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Today’s cup brought to you by delicious REAL food from South Africa. Fairview goat farm, unprocessed and unsweetened goat’s milk yoghurt…mmmmm



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