A lighthouse in the deepest south.

First of all congratulations to all the DPTs who rocked the board exams yesterday!


YAY, you are done!! You know you killed it.


Many of us (present company included) are on the job hunt (be vewy vewy quiet we’re hunting wabbits…I mean jobs).


There are so many incredible opportunities ahead of us. So lets get a little cliche with some analogies: Sure there are “many paths we could take” and “doors opending” etc. However, for me there is a more fitting analogy, not paths, but an ocean of possibilities.

Paths are more predictable, no? From our perspective we may not see the end of  a path, so it seems mysterious and unpredictable but really wandering down a path means that someone or something has been there / done that before. That is why a path exists.


Down a path in Agulhas, South Africa.

The ocean? Well, that is a whole different story, it is a temperamental organic medium, with an infinite number of directions. As captain of your vessel you must weave your way through storms, wind droughts, and everywhere you look opportunities stretch to the horizon, you can navigate an infinite number of degrees in any direction. This is exciting and terrifying.

Dive in and be transported to another dimension

Dive in and be transported to another dimension

But don’t be afraid, keep adventuring! Sure, you may sink your boat, just remember…


…all the treasure is at the bottom of the ocean.


Another canvas import all the way from Africa: http://www.truthcoffee.com/

Since we have a nautical theme today, I wanted to share some more moments from South Africa. All the above pictures and those below are from these adventures. After leaving Cape Town, we drove east along the coast to the southern most tip of the continent.

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