Look back as you forge ahead. #DPTstudent

For those of us SPTs who have recently transitioned to DPTs there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon. Decision making can feel overwhelming at times, even if you are choosing between many great options. There is still a CHOICE to be made and often that is paralyzing.

If you have ever had a job interview, you have most certainly been asked this question:

“Where to do you see yourself in 5 years.”

Sure we have SOME idea. We’ve though about it A LOT. The canned answer almost rolls off your tongue….However, this is the real exciting bit:

Think back 5 years, heck, think back just ONE.  Consider all the exciting and beautiful things that have happened, now were they all included in your “life plan” ?

If you are any thing like me, likely they were not.

So, if you are forging ahead with new life plans, goals, or decisions and you feel overwhelmed or paralyzed…don’t forget to look back.


Today’s cup is brought to you by a blast from my past, The Raven’s Next Coffee Shop in Culpeper, VA. It is also doubly appropriate because I’m spending the night in Baltimore (home of Edgar Allen Poe)! #nevermore

Reflect on the places you have been and how they inform the person you are today. Realize that there are many uncharted adventures waiting for you, even ones you haven’t even imagined yet!


So in this spirit, I want to share another snippet of a recent perspective from my personal rear view mirror. If you would have asked me a year ago where I would spend June 2014, I can promise you I would not have said “Hanging out with lions, elephants, and a frog in South Africa.”

(If you are keen for some musical accompaniment, this song is appropriate in more ways than the obvious. In this song, Paul tells the tale of two musicians and how their earliest memories shaped themselves into the music they create…including the inspiration for the song: Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s creator Joseph Shabalala)

This is the story of how we begin to remember.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images from Addo Elephant Park National Park. And yes, still get excited for donkeys…but woah, that lion she was a gorgeous shocker.

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