At the top of the mountain ~ #NextGenPT2014

This past weekend I traveled back to my physical therapy roots in Washington, DC. PTs and educators from across the country gathered at my alma mater for an incredible inaugural conference:

eventThere is always such energy surrounding conferences like this as you meet and share ideas with individuals from across the country. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many  innovative giants in my field and I was absolutely humbled to be included on the docket of speakers. In fact, this is the first official conference I have attended as a full blown physical therapist:

Dr.Romagnoli, PT,DPT,SPT

Did you know you could be a DPT & an SPT ? Well, I guess we are all lifelong learners!

Over two days, we listened to pioneers of innovation from hospitals and universities across the country, discussed the barriers to growth and change, and The-Popeye-myth-New-findings-suggest-how-spinach-increases-muscle-powerbrainstormed how we can work together as a profession to tackle these obstacles. When surrounded by so many like minded peers, you are imbued with an unstoppable energy. Adding a little spinach to your day!

During an event like this, you have the sensation that you can take over the world and shape it for the better. There is no separation between ideas and execution.

ideas and executionHowever, as so many of us know…sustaining the momentum to execute those ideas after we leave the warm fuzzy bubble of the spinach filled conference is a whole other story!

The keynote speaker for the event was author and innovator Chris Trimble, if you haven’t read “How Stella Saved the Farm” I highly recommend it. A parable about innovation and instigating change, the book is a quick, easy, and inspirational read.

He brought up the analogy of climbing a mountain.

“Only novice mountaineers celebrate at the top of the mountain, expert climbers celebrate when they have returned to base camp.”


That’s right…still have to make it back down!

So, here we are…at the top of the mountain, realizing that all these great ideas still must be executed. And as Mr. Trimble pointed out:

executionIt is that treacherous and exhausting climb back down the mountain. It also requires you to:

Sustain what exists WHILE building something new

So while we all may want to be those elevated idea people celebrating at the top of the mountain, the whole wide world stretching like an empty canvas beyond the horizon. Realize, that is just half of the journey.

Who is ready to come back down with me? Who is ready to execute?

Get involved in the conversation, follow twitter feed: #NextGenPT2014 and get your ideas out there and then start climbing back down the mountain…

…see you at base camp!

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