Booty Wurk! Strengthening your Gluteus Medius

Two weeks ago we explored the importance of our Gluteus Medius Muscle, if you didn’t see it, check it out here: You MED to know about this muscle! Last Wellness Wednesday, we gave our booties a break and just looked at cute puppies, so you know what that means? Today it is time to:



My local gym loves to play that T-Pain song,  let me suggest giving it a play while you work your glutes but try not listening to all the lyrics :/ 

Take a look at 4 levels of some of my favorite booty wurking exercises, of course there are many but here are some principles to get you started:

Moving into Level One (Beginning Wurk) we are looking at our standard side lying leg lift.

Remember to keep good form: hips are stacked with a slight internal rotation of the leg. Adding a band above the knees or at the ankles as you start to progress:

Moving on to Level Two (Medium Wurk), it is all about FUNCTION! I like to move quickly into weight bearing exercises as it is simply more functional for our bodies. This kind of “wurk” translates MORE into what we want to do in our day to day lives:

Get your MONSTER WALK on (grrr):

Level Three (Hard Wurk) looks at single leg activities so we begin to integrate the third aspect of the muscle into strengthening…the pelvic/hip stability:

Level Four (WTF Wurk) beings the plyometric and jumping components which will translate not only to stability but the more dynamic things we choose to do in our lives: Running, jumping, speed skating, parkour ….beating up Bowser:

Remember to take is slow friends, be patient with yourselves and with your bodies. For more guidance please go visit your friendly neighborhood PT, we LOVE coming up with exercises to help you 🙂 ( CHOOSE PT!)



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