Dawn of the Deluge – Avoid Cabin Fever

IrmaWe are prepared for the worst and are hoping for the best down here in Florida. With our hearts and minds still fixated on the devastation that Harvey wrought on Houston, it is no surprise that we are nervous. Not to mention the inordinate amount of fear mongering that has been broadcast for over a week for my fellow Floridians and I.  We have stockpiled water, filled bags of sand, and assembled our loved ones around us. Now as Irma is knocking on our door we have nothing to do but….wait.


Accept’s 2015 Blind Rage Tour seen here \m/

Sure you could spend the morning jamming out to old metal concerts like Laika, Stefan, and I. However, if you are like me…eventually cabin fever will set in.

Yesterday, I did a final acute care shift at Dr. Phillips Hospital before they went on lockdown. I encouraged my patients to KEEP MOVING and work on their PT exercises as best as they are able, be that exercises in the bed or walking safely with nursing or family if they are cleared to do so. Even though they will be STUCK in the hospital until lockdown is released (and rehab won’t be pestering them) that is no reason to go into FULL ON couch potato mode.


After our last rainy run this morning…

Taking my own advice (for once), I am making an effort to keep moving my body the next few days…Irma or no. We may not be able to go outside but there are MANY ways to get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and sweat glistening. Here are a few suggestions Florida friends. Any other ideas? Comment below!

As with any exercise, be sure you feel comfortable with the movements. If you have any malady that would make starting an exercise program questionable or dangerous, please consult a doctor before trying. We’ll be out of this storm in no time, pick up a good book and exercise your brain over the next few days instead 🙂 ! 

YOGA: One of my favorite indoor (and outdoor) activities, if you are a seasoned yoga practitioner see where your practice takes you when you go it alone on your mat instead of flowing with a class. If you are new to yoga, check out these videos (click on the blue link) that can lead you through some gentle movements:

Yoga with Adriene – Vinyasa and power yoga

Martha McAlpine’s Kundalini Channel – Why not try something new, if you’ve never tried kundalini yoga it revolves around ‘gestures’ instead of ‘postures’ which is a fun way to move with your breath.

Chair Yoga Channel – looking for something a little less intense? Try one of these on for size.

TABATA: No power? No problem. Tabata is an amazing form of high intensity interval training. 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest (oooor slightly lower intensity work).  There are many apps you can download that give you a clock OR of course you can just go old school and use a clock.

To give you an idea of some interval work I’ve done in the past, below are some HIGH intensity intervals, mix and match, rinse and repeat…you are in the driver seat (hehe, didn’t mean to rhyme that)! If you choose 6, run through them for a total of 8 rounds, you have one kick-butt 24 minute workout. For the 10 second “rest” hold plank or just catch your breath 😉  Be creative!

  • Jumping jacks
  • Squat Jumps
  • Mountain climbers
  • Switch lunges
  • Tricep Pushups
  • Lateral lunge to knee drive
  • Standard Pushup
  • Squat thrust frog jump
  • Skaters to curtsey lunge
  • Russian Twist

Remember to warm up you body before any intense workout and spend a few minutes stretching after….afterall we aren’t going anywhere for a while, right Irma?


Share your thoughts here friends:

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