Don’t be Monocarpic. Live every moment.

Hello Friends, I’ve missed you!

Don’t worry, the world’s coffee stock didn’t plummet due to my absence from the blogosphere, in fact I was off sampling coffee on multiple continents!

Mmmm, international caffein. 

A lot has changed since last we spoke: I’m officially Dr. Romagnoli now, my PT license was waiting for me when I returned, I’ve been in four different countries over the last 6 weeks, I was so close to an Iron Maiden concert Bruce Dickenson was practically sweating on me (Scream for me Nuremberg!), I jumped from the highest bungy bridge in the world, I saw a flipping lion (!), but more about all that to come…

…and now I’m back.

Back in the US of A with a purpose. While my thoughts are often pulled back to the adventures behind me, my focus is ahead. Looking forward to planning my next steps as a medical professional as I hunt for my first job as a PT.

This has me thinking quite a bit about life’s moments. It is easy to live by milestones, to mark our lives by the big moments: graduation, our FIRST job, weddings, births, deaths….these stand out.

However, don’t forget about the bits in between. This is still life, still living.

In South Africa, I was in one of the richest floral kingdoms in the world. In fact, South Africa has the third-highest level of biodiversity in the world and that is in no small part due to the Cape floral kingdom. So, let’s talk botany for a moment:

Do you know what a “Monocarpic” plant is?


Agave americana

It is a plant that flowers once in its life and then dies. For some species, like the century plant or many bamboos can take 8 – 20 years or even over 100 years to bloom. However, that aloe is still VERY MUCH ALIVE all those moments leading to the bloom.

While many of us may be waiting right now: to find a job, to move cities, to take a big exam….

…don’t forget to live.

Don’t wait and hope for the one thing, the one event, the one moment that will change your life.

Cherish all the moments because they are just as necessary and important as the big bloom. 

2012-01-01 00.07.04 (1)

stay tuned for some of the living I’ve been up to…

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